PHI_2171 copyWould like to make a major impact in reaching the lost?

Sponsor a Crusade! For as little as $5,000 you can sponsor a crusade that will literally bring the Gospel to thousands! It’s that simple. What could be better than knowing people will have the opportunity to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ because you invested in the Kingdom?

Philippines Love Explosion Tour 2013Thousands upon thousands of people around the world are waiting to receive the Gospel and you can reach them. We have received invitation from local pastors, missionaries, and leaders in various cities and countries around the world requesting our assistance in reaching the lost in their area.

Whenever and wherever we preach the Gospel, God confirms His word through the power of His Holy Spirit with healing and miracles. That is why we are making an impact; it is the power of the Holy Spirit. Fortunately it is the same power each and every believer carry inside. It is our earnest desire to equip the local believers through teaching, impartation, and activation to continue to move in the supernatural power of Jesus Christ long after we are gone.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time.

We believe this principle applies to God’s people in the area healing, prophesy, and evangelism.  We are not trying to create a dependency on our ministry but a complete and total dependency on Christ and His finished work on the cross. Jesus said in Mark 16:17 that those who believe would demonstrate His supernatural power and in John 14:12 He even said those who would follow after would do even greater supernatural works then He had done in His earthly ministry.

Our ministry partners co-labor with us in bringing in the harvest. Someone has to go preach the Gospel and minister but some are called to provide financial support, and together we bring in the Harvest, while separately we are much less effective. Through relationship we accomplish the work of the Great Commission and will reap the same reward and blessing!

Sponsoring a Crusade

If you desire to sponsor a crusade in a specific country or region please contact us using the web form below. We may already be working in that exact area.

Together, we can see the World come to know the saving knowledge of His Grace & Goodness.

Upcoming Ministry Trips

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