Keys to Momentum: The True Gospel

First let me start off by apologizing for the gap in space and time between this post, and the prior post. If you have been waiting with nail biting expectation, I am sorry..:). For one reason or another the past few months have lent themselves to be very chaotic, and busy in nature. Therefore, my time spent blogging and posting have suffered greatly. However, I am back for the second installment of my project “Keys to Momentum”. Thank you so much for checking it out.

The True Gospel:

I’ve spent most of my life, as well as many of you I suppose, thinking of the Gospel as “fire Insurance” or our “Ticket to Heaven”. The Gospel was the good news that we would no longer be sentenced to the sulfur ridden lake of fire to live our eternity in hell. Our hymnals were full of songs and poems of that sweet place by and by where we’ll meet on that beautiful shore, and sing and praise as we sit on our very own fluffy white cloud.

I still believe that salvation plays a major roll in the Gospel (good news), and I myself am forever grateful that I was in the midst of people who knew the necessity of being born again. However, I feel that the Gospel has been whittled down to an experience. Yes discipleship was, and is, very necessary to help a new believer get a foundation to stand on. Unfortunately this discipleship usually is bent on giving the new believer a doctrine or theological view based on the denomination which they belong. I know for myself, it was more of a list of don’t s than an awareness of the amazing freedom which we really have in Christ.

The ticket to Heaven is truly an important feature. However, the good news (Gospel) is so much more. We are to make our time here on earth after salvation Heavenly. Jesus is our supreme savior and the example as to how Heaven coming to earth should look like. Yes, this is what we believers are to do. Bring heaven to earth.

I grew up in a denomination that was bent on the fact that God is sovereign and we only live here. Our prayers were sent up with a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome. We couldn’t possibly know what God’s will was we are only little peons here. One of the pivotal parts of beginning Christianity is to dissect the Lord’s prayer. Much of what I was taught hinged on the phrase “His will be done”, and that encompassed all things. While I agree that God is sovereign, He also has chosen to partner with mankind. Many fail to really read the very next line “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Last I checked there is no sickness, death, or disease in heaven. This was taken care of at the cross. 1 peter 2:24 says “By His wounds you have been healed”. Have been, as in past tense. It’s done…So I would have to say I can know what God’s will is for sickness, disease, and death. Halleluiah, now that’s “good news”. That’s the Gospel I want to cling to.

My Bible says that He created Adam in “Their” image. Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Why would He waste the time creating us in His image, if we didn’t have a part to play in how God’s will effects those around us. Case in point Adam named the animals and that was what they were called. God didn’t tell Adam what to name them, He wanted Adam’s input. We are not pawns in a chess game. We, as believers, have a direct play in the Game of life. The power to bring Heaven to earth lays squarely in the believer’s court. We have the obligation to truly show the world that the ruler of this world has no real authority over anything. That authority was given to us, the sons and daughters of the King.

The fact that when we believe, we now have the opportunity to make life better, change our atmosphere, now that’s “good news”. God loved us, His creation, so much that He sent His only son to become sin, and take on the wrath and judgment for our shortcomings. Now that’s “GOOD NEWS”. In doing this He gave us back the authority given to Adam. The original “Eternal Destiny” for mankind was renewed. He has given us the power through the Holy Spirit to live today, like we were created to live. To step into our destiny and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Today I get to attend a celebration of life. A dear friend of mine has made that transition from the earthly realm to the Heaven. Today she is not only with Jesus in Spirit, she now dances with Him in Heaven. However, this being said, she walked out the very ideals mentioned above. She was a Christ carrier her on earth. She exemplified patience, love, and lit up the room wherever she was. She was also quick to bring Heaven into whatever situation she encountered. Watch out sickness, disease, death, and whatever lie the enemy presented. She was aware that all these things Weredefeated at the cross of Calvary.

We are VICTORIOUS, and we need to continue to show the enemy his time is short. We need to embrace the “True Gospel” and become the Bride Jesus is coming for.

True Gospel = empowered to kick some devil butt here, and bring the realities of Heaven to earth..

In honor of
Carla Kollberg
wonderful wife, mother, and sister
Jubilation and Dance for you my dear
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Keys to Momentum: Identity

Life is about momentum. Kinetic energy is created by motion. Each of us is designed to move. We do not do well in a stagnant state. This is especially true in our spiritual life. We cannot, and must not seek to arrive, because the idea of arrival is you reached the end. We will inevitably do just that, we will find the end of our destiny and call. We will come to a place of complacency and boredom. I believe it is in this place so many of us get lost. It is in this place that we become desperate, and in desperation we find ourselves overwhelmed with how far away we’ve drifted, and even though we are fully aware that God will never leave us, we feel distant. It is in this place that fear, doubt, unbelief, anxiety, etc…creep into our world. Adding even more discomfort, and imagined canyons between our Heavenly Father and us.
Over the next five weeks or so I am endeavoring to write a series of blog posts aimed at increasing or igniting passion to advance the Kingdom of God. As well as increasing our ability to move toward, or furthering the destiny and call on our life. In praying about my own direction and destiny God revealed to me some keys to unlocking momentum in my life, so that I won’t get stuck in a stagnant body of water, but rather swim in the “River” of God’s plan. That place in which He has willed me to be. Never stopping, never going back, but rather moving up and forward.
Key #1

Understanding our Identity:

One of the most amazing revelations I received while on my journey for truth is who exactly I am in Christ. I grew up with a very skewed view of how God sees me. I was immersed in a lifestyle of legalism, and a religious spirit. Now, let me clarify a few points. The people I was surrounded by meant all the best. My parents did an amazing job bringing me up in what they perceived as truth. I love my family, and friends dearly and say none of this as an attack on anyone. The people who nurtured me in faith and the love of the Lord were working from what they felt to be revelation to their forefathers. However, as I became more and more discontented, I began to seek a deeper truth. In this journey God showed me how He really felt about me, and how the scales began to fall off
God Loves you, and is not angry with you….
I know….duh! Believe it or not as much as I thought I believed this, I found that I was living in fear of the wrath of God, rather than in a loving relationship with Him. He wants the best for us. He’s not sitting around just waiting to thump us upside the head every chance He gets.
Jeremiah 29:11Amp For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.
When I put my perception in line with the bibles parallel with the earthly father / son relationship, my view didn’t fit. I would never wish harm on my son. Yes, he will make mistakes and it is my responsibility to course correct him. However, nothing he can do makes me love him less. He will always be my son, and I want him to succeed over anything else. It is my will that whatever is going on he has to know I have his back. Just like Father God (Daddy) has my back. He is looking out for me, He knows what He has created me to be and He is bent to help me get there. He is not looking to derail me because I mess up. I have to realize He wants the very best for me or I will never be free to live in my destiny. Fear of messing up will paralyze me from stepping out in faith..
You are Royalty….

Royalty? As in “kings and queens”? Absolutely! This is the next major revelation of God’s view of me. My pre-revelation mindset was that too much of anything is a negative in the eyes of God. If you were too wealthy then how can He use you. After all it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I mean, have you seen the eye of a needle. I have a hard time getting sewing thread to go through there. No way a camel is going to get through. Rich people are doomed, right?

1 Peter 2:9Amp But you are a chosen race, a ROYAL priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God’s] own purchased, special people,…

Last I checked Royals are never wanting. People from royalty are privileged, they are esteemed, they are chosen to succeed. The very nature of being royalty means that you are owed the best. God sent his son, Jesus, to take care of all the logistics to pave the way for our royalty. We are joint heirs with him. Jesus, is in essence, our brother. We are fellow princes, and princesses. Our Daddy is the king. The word also says He is the King of Kings. Ever wonder who the kings are that He is King of? You!! You are a king. Jesus is sitting, in heaven, on the right hand of God. Where are you seated? Oh yeah, we are there on the right hand as well…

Ephesians 2:6 Amp And He raised us up together with Him and made us sit down together [giving us joint seating with Him]
What Jesus inherits, we inherit.
Romans 8:17 Amp And if we are [His] children, then we are [His] heirs also: heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ [sharing His inheritance with Him]..

So since we’ve established our royal place we can now believe God’s desire is for us to walk in victory. To walk worthy of a king or queen. Not cower, and believe we are less than His favorite. Or less called or qualified to advance the kingdom. You are the son of the most high God. You are more than what people have told you you are. You have inherited all of the power and authority Jesus did, and He paid the price for our mess ups as well….You have been given everything you need to move forward in your destiny….SO OWN IT!!

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"I believe, but help me with my unbelief"

Something that most frustrates the work of God in our life is the very thing that frustrated Jesus about his contemporaries. It is the exactly why we have to renew our minds, and brings cause for repentance.

Are you at the edge of your seat yet? I’m almost there…lol

It is the very thing that blocked men of God from the ability to bring deliverance and healing. It was the very thing that brought the very group of people that made way for Jesus on Palm Sunday, to yell Crucify Him on Friday. It was why the religious leaders of the day couldn’t see past the carpenter stigma and realize Christ as the Messiah.


While this seems to be the a small is actually HUGE, and yes you can love God and still struggle with unbelief. We look at the Pharisees and say how is it that they couldn’t see the person of Christ in Jesus? How is it that they couldn’t see the that He was the Son of God? However, even those closest to Him, the disciples, struggled with unbelief. Even in times where they saw miracles happening by their own hands, they came to Jesus and wondered why they couldn’t help the demonized boy. Jesus asked the father do you believe, and he said “I believe, but help me with my unbelief”.

Jesus admonished many of the people He healed for their faith. It was common for Jesus to tell the person that because of their faith they were healed. Faith and belief our the very vehicles that bring the miraculous love of God into our natural lives. It is unbelief and faith in our situation that puts up blocking to the supernatural. In Mark 11 he says that if we believe when we pray that we can move mountains. There is nothing that faith and belief can’t tackle. If we stand on his promises, and on what the finished work of the cross established for us, there is no limit to the power of God. It’s this that we must renew our minds to. It’s not deciding what is sin, and working hard to remember that and pound our flesh into submission. Change our mind about what we can and can’t do. It’s about realizing how awesome of a sacrifice God made by sending His son to take care of all of the enemies tactics. To save us from our sin past, present, and future. To be scourged for our sickness and diseases. Also destroying the devils authority over the Sons of God. Many can “believe” for the first one, but have problems believing for the second and third. Does this mean that person isn’t saved? No! Does this mean that person won’t see eternity in Heaven? No! However, we have an opportunity to see Heaven manifest here on earth. When we accept what Jesus did for us we have the opportunity to live from Heaven to earth. We are, after all, seated with Him in the heavenlies..(Eph 2:6)…but many of us need help with our “unbelief”. We need to renew our minds to the fact the we can walk as instruments of Heaven to those that we come into contact with.

While my mind has been on the renewal track for a number of years, I too ask God “I believe, but help me with my unbelief.” Lord help me to know in my knower the “greater things” you are wanting to do through me. (Jn 14:12). I am a work in progress, but the fullness of the Godhead is in me. From Glory to Glory I declare. We carry the answer to all the problems. Christ in us the hope of Glory. There is nothing Hell can throw at you that Jesus didn’t already take care of.

Many today, without even realizing it, help cement the “unbelief” level of their fellow Christians. By believing there is no need for supernatural works today, or that God somehow desires to contradict Jesus’ finished work, and bring sickness or disease to his children. This is in no way new. In Deu 1:28 the 10 spies struggled with unbelief to the point of convincing the multitude that what God said wasn’t really true. As a consequence the whole generation, bar 2, didn’t reap the inheritance. What inheritance from Jesus are we missing out on, because we can’t (or won’t) accept as His promise to us. Don’t let your brethren make your hearts grow soft. Stand up for what you know God wants for you and those you come into contact with. Continue to renew your mind, and believe…

Be blessed

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Warrior Bide ~ Magnificent Bride

Thinking back to what my thoughts were of God, in a not so distant past. An experience this last week brought back to the forefront of my mind exactly what it means to be Kingdom minded. My views on God and heaven are so diabolically different today. I recall that God was this powerful being that lived above the world. He was the creator of the universe, and like the old adage, “He brought us into the world, He can take us out”. Fear was the number one motivator, and longing for an end to this miserable world was the key note. Our praise and worship, or better known as somber hymns, reflected our exact attitude of rapture desire. Songs were lifted up in desperation waiting for the “BOOM” and its over. While heaven is the destination, I have come to renew my mind to what our purpose and experience on earth should look like.

We were born to worship!!!
Worship is to give honor and glory to the Most High. Worship is to be laid down lovers to the one who gives us the blessing of life, and the grace to live it to its fullest. Worship is not lamenting of how horrible this life is, and how the trials are bringing us to the pinnacle of justification. God has given us the will and way to change our current atmosphere. By praise and worship we can release the Glory of God. We have the access to heavenly realms, and can bring that here to earth. By focusing on God’s goodness and love, we now give him the opportunity to be who He is by nature. He is LOVE, and His love endures forever.

Don’t wait for heaven, bring heaven to earth!!
We do not live from earth longing for heaven to come. As Christians we are seated in Heaven at the right hand of the Father with King Jesus…Hallelujah. (Eph. 2:6) We live from heaven to earth. Therefore, we are not waiting on Heaven. It is waiting on us to come to the revelation that we hold the answer to this fallen world’s problems. We, you and I, hold the manifestation of the Father within us. What Jesus was for the populous of the middle east during his time here, we are for the very atmospheres we inhabit. People will get healed, set free, delivered for evil just by being around us. That is “IF” we realize who we are in Christ, and own up to the fullness of the Holy Spirit in us…that brings me to my third point.

Accept your Kingly standing!!!
We claim that Jesus is our King. He is in fact the Lord over us. The word calls Jesus the “King of Kings” and a the “Lord of Lords”. Ever wonder who the other kings are that He’s King over? You, and I are those kings. The Father has adopted us into son-ship (daughter-ship) of his family. You are in essence, the brother of Jesus. You’re in the royal family. Do you think that if you were rightly put into the royal family of England that you wouldn’t carry an authority that others were not part of. What you would say goes. Stand tall and accept your kingly standing in the Kingdom of God. No devil has power over you. They have no authority over your life that you do not allow. What you bless will be blessed, what you curse will be cursed..Jesus won the war, we can win the battles, because we are Kings…

The glory of the end times Church!!!
Like I said in the intro, my belief system of the Bride of Christ was skewed slightly in the past. I was sure that we must strive and trudge trough this life, fighting off the trials and barely eking by to make it (crawl through) the finish line. I was convinced that very few were going to make it to the end, and the final few would be a frazzled crew of beaten down remnant of faithful waiting for Jesus to return. Since marrying my beautiful bride of 15yrs. I have looked at the description of the body, the bride, a little differently. When our big day finally came, and the pressures of courting coupled with all that goes with growing up. My bride didn’t come hobbling down the isle in a torn tattered dress, missing the heal off her right shoe, hair soiled and nasty, makeup bleeding onto her off white pajama top. No way, she was dazzling. She spent the extra time to make sure every hair was in place, and her dress was glamorous. She was in such form it took my breath away (yes and a tear to my eye). She pulled all the stops to prove that I was getting a prize, that she was a treasure. So much emphasis has been put on the trials that we must face, that the Glory of the bride has been muted in our minds eye. Solomons temple, the law, the children of Israel all were glorious. I think if we were able to see the beauty of the temple of that day we would be amazed. Haggai 2:9 talks about how when Jesus comes the Glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. Jesus brought the church to manifest in us, and He said it’s more glorious than the first temple. You are far more than a struggling downtrodden bride. You are a prize. The body of Christ (the bride) should and will be a dazzling gift to the King of Kings. We the church must own up to the honor we bestow. We need to bring the bride into a renewal of mind so she becomes the beauty He’s expecting to walk down that Isle..

Closing thoughts:
I believe that although God is sovereign and all knowing. He has given us free will. The days of this earth are numbered, however we have a play in the amount of days. Christ will return for His bride, but only when it’s ready. I believe that the reason we still exist is that bride hasn’t become what it should for that return. Too many are preaching poverty, judgment, and negativeness for the bride to be adorned. God wants us to prosper and be well (Jer. 29:11). Kingdom mindset says we are going to rule. Orphan mindset says hurry Jesus come get us, destroy the world, and take us to heaven. Renew your minds to Kingdom principles, and summon the bridegroom.

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Renewing your mind part 3
Man up dude!!! see yourself as the warrior God sees you as.

Once again, as so many times in the past, God shows up to school me when I’m simply about my business. This week I had the pleasure of working in a small community an hour or so away from home. I had two jobs to do around a half mile apart from one another. So as I was contemplating the events of the day later that evening a similarity, between the two jobs, came to mind. Both customers were the man of the house. One was in his sixties, and the other was maybe forty. Both responded much the same way when I mentioned my faith or questioned their take on faith. The elder, when I expressed that God had shown favor on him in the deal my manager was giving him, was quick to credit his wife’s prayers. He went on to say how his wife prays to God, and the saints very regularly. He was sure that his “wife’s” belief was to blame for the In the second home I was aware of encouraging words and bible verses, on notepaper, littering the bathroom walls. In the course of conversation I asked him “Are you a believer?”. He gave me a sheepish look, then stammered around. So I simply addressed that I had noticed the scriptures on the wall. With that his reply was, “My wife is”.. I hadn’t yet told him about my specific bent on the subject, and I assume he was a little taken back by my question. So here in lies the subject of today…
Godly men afraid to be uninhibited …read more
Source: Kingdom Kinetics

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Beware of the "dark side" luke…

Renewing your mind part 2
The Force IS with you…
These words ring through every boys thoughts after he watches the star wars trilogy. Beware of the dark side Luke. It’s there to tempt you to dress in black and wear a cape and a helmet. Don’t get too close the allure of evil will draw you into it’s web.
Well, unfortunately, many of us grew up with the same theologies. While we weren’t groomed in the art of wielding a murderous laser beam, and fight off storm troopers. We were told that we were to stay as far away from what was perceived as evil as possible. We heard many times that a little leaven spoils the whole lump. We must abstain from every appearance of evil, or it will drag us in. After all that sin we were being protected from is so much fun there is an unstoppable tractor beam attached and the temptation will be too much to bare, and we will fall prey to the enemy. If we associate, or heaven forbid we strike up a conversation with someone labeled as evil. Our eternal soul is at stake…
OK, enough of the facetious banter. While it sounds incredibly fear based, and absolutely counterproductive way of living if we feel that helping the lost find salvation is a major mandate for a “Christian”, this is in fact how many of us matured in what we called the Gospel, or “Good News”. So this brings me to my experience today…
My second job was small. Just added a touch pad for an existing customer. This job would only take 45 minutes on any given …read more
Source: Kingdom Kinetics

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The American Blessing

God has been putting our wonderful country in the forefront of my mind this week. No matter what is going on around me, this seems to be the theme of my thought life

  1. We do live in the most amazing country in the world. We have been blessed with so much, and we have so much to bless others with.
  2. How, and why, does this seem to be reality?
  3. Since sowing and reaping is in effect today (Gal 6:7,10). How does this play into how we have what we do in this western culture?

We live in the most amazing country. If you heard, or read, what many in the Christian community have said, or are saying about our government and those who are in power now. It may give question to that fact. So many fail to see that the bible does instruct us to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-3). I know some say it’s only in there once, and you build a doctrine around it. I believe it’s a theme of love that is expressed throughout the Gospel. Honor those in authority, and show love to all. We definitely need to love. That is in fact the greatest commandment. So how then is making debasing statements about our government in anyway speaking life to the current situation. After all life, and death are in our tongue. I have even been in conversation with someone claiming the fullness of God, yet declaring the current leader of the free world as beyond God’s reach, and the church needs to stop praying for him. Do what? Since when is that our call to make? So let’s start by renewing our minds to Kingdom thinking. Let’s look at how heaven sees the United states..

The United States of …read more
Source: Kingdom Kinetics

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