Keys to Momentum: The True Gospel

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First let me start off by apologizing for the gap in space and time between this post, and the prior post. If you have been waiting with nail biting expectation, I am sorry..:). For one reason or another the past few months have lent themselves to be very chaotic, and busy in nature. Therefore, my time spent blogging and posting have suffered greatly. However, I am back for the second installment of my project “Keys to Momentum”. Thank you so much for checking it out.

The True Gospel:

I’ve spent most of my life, as well as many of you I suppose, thinking of the Gospel as “fire Insurance” or our “Ticket to Heaven”. The Gospel was the good news that we would no longer be sentenced to the sulfur ridden lake of fire to live our eternity in hell. Our hymnals were full of songs and poems of that sweet place by and by where we’ll meet on that beautiful shore, and sing and praise as we sit on our very own fluffy white cloud.

I still believe that salvation plays a major roll in the Gospel (good news), and I myself am forever grateful that I was in the midst of people who knew the necessity of being born again. However, I feel that the Gospel has been whittled down to an experience. Yes discipleship was, and is, very necessary to help a new believer get a foundation to stand on. Unfortunately this discipleship usually is bent on giving the new believer a doctrine or theological view based on the denomination which they belong. I know for myself, it was more of a list of don’t s than an awareness of the amazing freedom which we really have in Christ.

The ticket to Heaven is truly an important feature. However, the good news (Gospel) is so much more. We are to make our time here on earth after salvation Heavenly. Jesus is our supreme savior and the example as to how Heaven coming to earth should look like. Yes, this is what we believers are to do. Bring heaven to earth.

I grew up in a denomination that was bent on the fact that God is sovereign and we only live here. Our prayers were sent up with a 50/50 chance of a positive outcome. We couldn’t possibly know what God’s will was we are only little peons here. One of the pivotal parts of beginning Christianity is to dissect the Lord’s prayer. Much of what I was taught hinged on the phrase “His will be done”, and that encompassed all things. While I agree that God is sovereign, He also has chosen to partner with mankind. Many fail to really read the very next line “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Last I checked there is no sickness, death, or disease in heaven. This was taken care of at the cross. 1 peter 2:24 says “By His wounds you have been healed”. Have been, as in past tense. It’s done…So I would have to say I can know what God’s will is for sickness, disease, and death. Halleluiah, now that’s “good news”. That’s the Gospel I want to cling to.

My Bible says that He created Adam in “Their” image. Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Why would He waste the time creating us in His image, if we didn’t have a part to play in how God’s will effects those around us. Case in point Adam named the animals and that was what they were called. God didn’t tell Adam what to name them, He wanted Adam’s input. We are not pawns in a chess game. We, as believers, have a direct play in the Game of life. The power to bring Heaven to earth lays squarely in the believer’s court. We have the obligation to truly show the world that the ruler of this world has no real authority over anything. That authority was given to us, the sons and daughters of the King.

The fact that when we believe, we now have the opportunity to make life better, change our atmosphere, now that’s “good news”. God loved us, His creation, so much that He sent His only son to become sin, and take on the wrath and judgment for our shortcomings. Now that’s “GOOD NEWS”. In doing this He gave us back the authority given to Adam. The original “Eternal Destiny” for mankind was renewed. He has given us the power through the Holy Spirit to live today, like we were created to live. To step into our destiny and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Today I get to attend a celebration of life. A dear friend of mine has made that transition from the earthly realm to the Heaven. Today she is not only with Jesus in Spirit, she now dances with Him in Heaven. However, this being said, she walked out the very ideals mentioned above. She was a Christ carrier her on earth. She exemplified patience, love, and lit up the room wherever she was. She was also quick to bring Heaven into whatever situation she encountered. Watch out sickness, disease, death, and whatever lie the enemy presented. She was aware that all these things Weredefeated at the cross of Calvary.

We are VICTORIOUS, and we need to continue to show the enemy his time is short. We need to embrace the “True Gospel” and become the Bride Jesus is coming for.

True Gospel = empowered to kick some devil butt here, and bring the realities of Heaven to earth..

In honor of
Carla Kollberg
wonderful wife, mother, and sister
Jubilation and Dance for you my dear

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