“I believe, but help me with my unbelief”

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Something that most frustrates the work of God in our life is the very thing that frustrated Jesus about his contemporaries. It is the exactly why we have to renew our minds, and brings cause for repentance.

Are you at the edge of your seat yet? I’m almost there…lol

It is the very thing that blocked men of God from the ability to bring deliverance and healing. It was the very thing that brought the very group of people that made way for Jesus on Palm Sunday, to yell Crucify Him on Friday. It was why the religious leaders of the day couldn’t see past the carpenter stigma and realize Christ as the Messiah.


While this seems to be the a small thing..it is actually HUGE, and yes you can love God and still struggle with unbelief. We look at the Pharisees and say how is it that they couldn’t see the person of Christ in Jesus? How is it that they couldn’t see the that He was the Son of God? However, even those closest to Him, the disciples, struggled with unbelief. Even in times where they saw miracles happening by their own hands, they came to Jesus and wondered why they couldn’t help the demonized boy. Jesus asked the father do you believe, and he said “I believe, but help me with my unbelief”.

Jesus admonished many of the people He healed for their faith. It was common for Jesus to tell the person that because of their faith they were healed. Faith and belief our the very vehicles that bring the miraculous love of God into our natural lives. It is unbelief and faith in our situation that puts up blocking to the supernatural. In Mark 11 he says that if we believe when we pray that we can move mountains. There is nothing that faith and belief can’t tackle. If we stand on his promises, and on what the finished work of the cross established for us, there is no limit to the power of God. It’s this that we must renew our minds to. It’s not deciding what is sin, and working hard to remember that and pound our flesh into submission. Change our mind about what we can and can’t do. It’s about realizing how awesome of a sacrifice God made by sending His son to take care of all of the enemies tactics. To save us from our sin past, present, and future. To be scourged for our sickness and diseases. Also destroying the devils authority over the Sons of God. Many can “believe” for the first one, but have problems believing for the second and third. Does this mean that person isn’t saved? No! Does this mean that person won’t see eternity in Heaven? No! However, we have an opportunity to see Heaven manifest here on earth. When we accept what Jesus did for us we have the opportunity to live from Heaven to earth. We are, after all, seated with Him in the heavenlies..(Eph 2:6)…but many of us need help with our “unbelief”. We need to renew our minds to the fact the we can walk as instruments of Heaven to those that we come into contact with.

While my mind has been on the renewal track for a number of years, I too ask God “I believe, but help me with my unbelief.” Lord help me to know in my knower the “greater things” you are wanting to do through me. (Jn 14:12). I am a work in progress, but the fullness of the Godhead is in me. From Glory to Glory I declare. We carry the answer to all the problems. Christ in us the hope of Glory. There is nothing Hell can throw at you that Jesus didn’t already take care of.

Many today, without even realizing it, help cement the “unbelief” level of their fellow Christians. By believing there is no need for supernatural works today, or that God somehow desires to contradict Jesus’ finished work, and bring sickness or disease to his children. This is in no way new. In Deu 1:28 the 10 spies struggled with unbelief to the point of convincing the multitude that what God said wasn’t really true. As a consequence the whole generation, bar 2, didn’t reap the inheritance. What inheritance from Jesus are we missing out on, because we can’t (or won’t) accept as His promise to us. Don’t let your brethren make your hearts grow soft. Stand up for what you know God wants for you and those you come into contact with. Continue to renew your mind, and believe…

Be blessed

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