The Wonderful Cross

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Isaiah 53 is such an amazing chapter of the Bible! I find myself going back to it over and over again, totally drawn to it like a magnet. I love that about God’s Word! No matter how many times you read the same passage, it never gets stale. It keeps revealing more of God’s wisdom and life to us! And this famous prophetic chapter about Jesus is incredible. I love how Isaiah wrote it in the past tense, even though Jesus would not be born until almost 700 years later. Revelation 1:8 says that Jesus was, and is, and is to come; and Revelation 13:8 tells us that He is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. God exists outside of time, and His good plan was to save us all along!
As I read through this chapter, I can’t help but notice HOW MUCH Jesus did for us, and what that means for us as individuals. He was despised and rejected so that we would be loved and accepted. He took on suffering and pain so we could be healthy and whole. He was held in low esteem so that we could be royalty along side of Him in His Kingdom. He was punished so we would be forgiven and never be condemned. His body was bruised and crushed so that the veil would be torn we would have constant access to Heaven.
The most astonishing part is in verse 10 that says “yet it was the LORD’s will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer.” The Father loved His Son with perfect love, but He was still pleased to give Him for us. Its so hard to wrap our brain around that kind of love. God loves us so much more than we can ever fully comprehend! He gave what was most precious to Him for our sakes, so He could have an intimate relationship with His kids. We will never be able to do anything to deserve love like that! Its so freely given that it almost doesn’t make any sense to us. And we can see how much He values us by looking at the price He was willing to pay to redeem us.
Its easy to look at the cross and feel sad. Our Savior suffered so much! But in reality, it should be a place of great joy for us! In the cross of Christ we find everything we will ever need or want. We find constant peace and joy. We find healing and freedom. And we find life in Him. Galatians 2:20 says “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” We died with Him there so that now we can live forever in Him. He has done all that we need so that we can rest. We can never earn anything from Him with our own works. Its all free! How incredible is that??? The Gospel is so good!