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Renewing your mind part 3
Man up dude!!! see yourself as the warrior God sees you as.

Once again, as so many times in the past, God shows up to school me when I’m simply about my business. This week I had the pleasure of working in a small community an hour or so away from home. I had two jobs to do around a half mile apart from one another. So as I was contemplating the events of the day later that evening a similarity, between the two jobs, came to mind. Both customers were the man of the house. One was in his sixties, and the other was maybe forty. Both responded much the same way when I mentioned my faith or questioned their take on faith. The elder, when I expressed that God had shown favor on him in the deal my manager was giving him, was quick to credit his wife’s prayers. He went on to say how his wife prays to God, and the saints very regularly. He was sure that his “wife’s” belief was to blame for the In the second home I was aware of encouraging words and bible verses, on notepaper, littering the bathroom walls. In the course of conversation I asked him “Are you a believer?”. He gave me a sheepish look, then stammered around. So I simply addressed that I had noticed the scriptures on the wall. With that his reply was, “My wife is”.. I hadn’t yet told him about my specific bent on the subject, and I assume he was a little taken back by my question. So here in lies the subject of today…
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